ue Vent

Air Conditioner


Guiding cold air towards the ceiling where it naturally falls, and hot air towards the floor where  it naturally rises.

Cold air naturally falls. 

Automatically Directing Airflow on Thermal Cues



Air Conditioner

Stratified: Unmixed layers of hot and cold air. Hot air gathers at the ceiling and
cold air gathers at the floor.


Hot air naturally rises.




Cue Vent®-HD
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Always on Cue.


Cue Vent

Provides long lasting comfort.

Noticeable results in seconds.

No extra equipment necessary.

No louver adjustments needed.

No batteries or power needed.

Comfort made easy for you to enjoy.



Cue Vent® louvers move automatically to the correct heating/cooling position, helping to eliminate stratification by aiming hot air at the floor and cold air at the ceiling to maintain the comfortable temperature you set.


Heating and cooling accounts for about 48% of the energy use in a typical U.S home, making it the largest energy expense.* Cue Vent® 

provides you with lasting comfort and avoids the extra energy usage.

*Department of Energy. 2018

Convenient: Set it & Forget it


Cue Vents® are installed like any other vent.

It does not require a smart thermostat or smart phone app to function. Simply install like any standard vent and watch it adjust automatically.

Great Return on Investment

Evenly mixed air can save you money. Studies have shown that Cue Vent® saves 10-40% on heating and cooling costs. 

Start Saving Today!

What gives Cue Vent

 the Cue?


Here is what you see


 Flexinol® Actuator Wire Technology

So small you can hardly see it!

The Cue Vent® adjust to the correct position through thermal cues. 

When the Flexinol® is heated, it contracts and adjusts the louvers down.

When the Flexinol® is cooled, it relaxes and adjusts the louvers up. 



“With the Cue Vent® being a new technology, we weren’t too sure what to expect. But, we feel like the investment is paying for itself, while we are still enjoying the comfort and savings of the Cue Vent®.” 

- Carolyn R. 

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