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For Immediate Release

Cue Vents®

Continuous Comfort and Savings!


IRVINE, CA; June 2019 – Many homeowners are unaware of the tangible benefits of adjusting the louvers to guide airflow within the home, or they don't bother to move them, choosing instead to adjust the thermostat up or down thereby blasting the air and their expenses.


“This unique technology is nearly 100% efficient. It enables you to solve the 100-year-old problem of stratification caused by using the same vent for both heating and cooling that leaves your head warm and your feet cold. Cue Vent’s® automation directs airflow without the need for a battery, motor, or fossil fuel.” – Wayne Brown, President of DYNALLOY, Inc.


How Does It Work?

As hot air reaches the Cue Vents®, the louvers automatically adjust downwards, forcing hot air down and allowing it to rise naturally to warm the home. In hotter seasons, when cold air reaches the vent, it directs the air upwards, allowing the cold air to fall from the ceiling and evenly cool the home. 


It doesn't need electricity, batteries, or even a motor—it just needs installation! Cue Vents® install like any other register. Once they're in, homeowners don't have to worry about it again.


“Properly directing airflow makes all the difference to increasing the comfort of a home and savings on utilities.” – Judy Lee, Operations Coordinator


How Does It Save Money?

Running any HVAC (Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) system averages about 45% of residential utility costs annually (Department of Energy, 2018). Studies performed by the developers have shown that homeowners can save between 10%-40% off the cost of their HVAC utilities annually by using Cue Vents® (“DYNALLOY, Inc., 2012-13, Cue Vent® Energy Study").


Where Can I Install It?

Cue Vents® help the home reach the desired temperature faster and stay longer by directing airflow evenly throughout the rooms they’re placed in. It’s available in a variety of standard sizes and in any room configuration, including ceiling, wall, or floor—allowing the whole home to be comfortable at a cheaper cost!


Where Is It Made?

DYNALLOY, Inc. is the creator of Cue Vents®. They specialize in the manufacturing of a specific class of NiTi based shape memory alloys (SMA), under the trade name FLEXINOL® and are considered the world leaders of this industry. DYNALLOY, Inc. has used their patented SMA actuator wires to create the automatically adjusting Cue Vent® system that optimizes the vent's louver positions for heating and cooling. The company has been in both the research and manufacturing of these special alloys for over 30 years. DYNALLOY, Inc. is a privately held company, located in Southern California.



Launch Date: June 26, 2019

Contact: Erik Thorne, Sales Manager – Finished Products,


Written by: Peggy Sue Wood,

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